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About Vibralite courses

Courses are done in order, starting with Vibralite 1, Vibralite 2, then Vibralite 3. Once Vibralite 1 to 3 are completed, there’s the option to advance further and complete Vibralite Ascension. Each course includes an attunement that gives access to increasingly higher frequencies and more powerful healing tools and gifts. This creates greater personal strength and spiritual awareness for the healer , as well as the ability to offer deeper healings with each attunement.

Each course offers the opportunity to receive 3 free bonus healings (worth $165 USD), which are available to you by completing the courses.

Vibralite is an Approved Training Provider

Vibralite is an Approved Training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), and the Vibralite courses are approved by them. The IICT is one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing practitioners operating within the natural health industry in 26 countries worldwide.

On completion of Vibralite 2, students may become IICT Professional Members, and gain insurance through the IICT. For more details see the IICT website.

Here’s our Approved Training Provider certificate

Vibralite is a recognised healing modality

Vibralite is officially recognised as a healing modality by the (IICT) for membership and insurance purposes.

Here’s our Modality Recognition certificate

Course Structure

The learning aspect of Vibralite 1 is relatively short. It should only take a couple hours to complete the modules, however the attunement takes 12 weeks to fully assimilate into your being. Therefore, Vibralite 2 will not be available to you until the full 12 weeks have passed.

Learning is self-paced, with no time restrictions or deadlines, so you can take as long as you like to complete the course. Vibralite 1 comes with an attunement, manual (with healing journal), quizzes, access to a Vibralite community page, plus a certificate on completion.


Every Vibralite course comes with an attunement, which provides the healer with access to the Vibralite energies. Each attunement provides increasingly higher frequencies and more powerful healing tools and gifts. This creates greater personal strength and spiritual awareness for the healer, as well as the ability to offer higher frequency healings.

Each course runs for 12 weeks. This is because 12 weeks is required between attunements to allow the energies to fully assimilate before the next attunement is received. Vibralite energies are very powerful, and the 12 week period between attunements is critical to give time for the healer’s vibration to gradually rise in preparation for the next stage.


Each course includes a manual that covers everything you’ve learnt that course. It can be used for notes, as a reference, and for journaling healing experiences.


There are easy multiple choice quizzes in each module. They are designed to be enjoyable and enhance your learning experience. The quizzes are easy, there are lots of hints, and there is no time limit. You must pass the quiz to complete the module, to progress to the next module, and to receive your free healings and certificates. The pass mark is just 50%, and you can have as many attempts as you like. The quizzes are designed carefully so that learners can pass them with ease, because we want our students to be able to complete the courses and become Vibralite healers.

Vibralite healers community

We have a Vibralite healers community page where you can share your healing journey and get support from others.


You will receive a certificate on completion of each course.

Bonus free healings

Each course offers the opportunity to receive up to 3 free healings, worth $165 USD! Simply by completing the course. (See terms and conditions below).*

*There is the potential to receive up to 3 free healings throughout the course. Free healings are available on weeks 4, 8, and 12. To receive the free healing, learners must have completed all the learning modules. ‘Completing’ a module entails completing the course material for that module, including the videos, quizzes and text.

Cancellation policy

No refund is payable, as learners are given immediate access to course content.

Directory listing

Vibralite healers have the option to have a listing in the ‘Vibralite Practitioner’ directory, once enrolled in Vibralite 3. There is a small one-off fee to cover initial set up costs. From then on, the listing is free, and there are no annual renewal costs.

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