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Learning Vibralite is fast, easy and fun!

Vibralite 1 is the foundation healing course. It’s easy to do and takes just two to three hours to learn it. Then you’ll be able to quickly and easily give yourself and others powerful Vibralite healing.

What you get in Vibralite 1:

Receive three free healings!

You receive 3 bonus Vibralite healings from its strongest source so that you can continue to clear your own blocks and vibrate at your highest frequency.


Heal yourself and others

Give powerful Vibralite healing quickly and easily. Once you are attuned to the Vibralite 1 energy, all you need to do is make a simple request, and it is done! We know it sounds too good to be true, but once you are attuned, that is how Vibralite works!

You’ll also learn how to set up repeat healings so that they are automatically administered over time, providing even deeper healing.

Have fun with virtual crystals

You’ll learn how to infuse crystals and spaces with beautiful vibrations. Since Vibralite is infused with crystalline energy, you’ll learn how to create and send virtual crystal energy in an instant.

You’ll also discover how to use Vibralite to create virtual crystal currents to support and heal joints.



Share the gift of self-healing

Give loved ones, pets, and others access to self-help healing with the very special Vibralite Self-Care so that they can access extra healing support as needed 24/7.

Raise your vibration and spiritual awareness

The Vibralite 1 attunement raises us up into higher frequencies, which opens the door to dramatic shifts in spiritual awareness and connection to higher consciousness.


Course structure

It should only take a couple hours to complete the learning modules 1 – 11. However the course spans 12 weeks because attunement takes 12 weeks to fully assimilate into your being.

The contents of each module are below and on the Vibralite 1 course page.

In just two to three hours, you can be sending Vibralite healing with ease. So what are you waiting for!

Make the most of this special opportunity

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

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“Uplifting, life changing, exciting.”


“After receiving my attunement last night, I can’t even believe how bright and vibrant I feel today, especially since I only had about 2 hours of sleep. I powered through a hard workout and still feel incredible. My mind feels so fresh and alert. I have fibromyalgia, so usually I feel tired, especially when I work out, and brain fog is certainly an issue. But none of that seems to be a factor today! I am loving this!”

Faith Davis

When you register for Vibralite 1, you get EVERYTHING below for just $88USD. Your Vibralite 1 registration fee includes all the following modules, plus the attunement.

Here’s what you’ll gain from Vibralite 1

Bonuses and highlights

Module 1 – Introduction to Vibralite healing

In this introductory module, you’ll learn all about the Vibralite energies:

Module 2 –Highest Good and troubleshooting

In this module, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what happens during Vibralite healing.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Module 3 – How to give Vibralite healing/Receive your attunement

This is a very special module because this is where you receive your attunement, giving you the ability to give Vibralite to yourself and others. You will also learn the easy techniques for doing so.

Here’s what you’ll learn

About your attunement

Module 4 – Using routines to simplify healing

In this module, you’ll discover:

Module 5 – Repeat healings & Vibralite healing pool system

During this module, you’ll find out:

Module 6 – Vibralite Self-Care

In this module, you will find out all about Vibralite Self-Care:

Module 7 – Frequency currents for joints

In this module, you’ll discover Vibralite’s unique integration of virtual crystal energy for enhanced effects:

Module 8 – Sending crystal properties

In this module, you’ll discover more easy and fun ways that Vibralite sends virtual crystal energy:

Module 9 – Infusing crystals and places with Vibralite

This is a fun module, where you’ll learn how to extend Vibralite beyond humans and animals:

Module 10 – Vibralite’s unique Sacred Geometry

This module is all about Vibralite’s powerful and unique sacred geometry. It’s a very special module, so don’t miss it!

Module 11 – Vibralite immunity shield and support

In this module, you’ll find out about Vibralite’s very special immunity shield and immunity support:

Module 12 – Vibralite protection

In this module, you’ll find out about Vibralite’s built-in protection mechanism:

Module 13 – Free healing at week 4

In this module, there is nothing to learn. Just sit back and enjoy your first free healing straight from its most powerful source.

This module is available in week 4, once you have completed the previous modules.

Module 14 – Free healing at week 8

This module is another chance to it back and enjoy another free healing. This module is available in week 8, once you have completed the previous modules.

Module 15 – Free healing at week 12

This module is released in week 12, which is when your attunement has fully assimilated. It will be available to you at 12 weeks, once you have completed the previous modules.

Module 16 – Course conclusion

This is the final module in this course.

When you register for Vibralite 1, you ALL of that for just $88USD. Your Vibralite 1 registration fee includes all the modules shown above, plus the attunement.

Make the most of this special opportunity

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

Join Vibralite 1 now,
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Want to know more?

Anything else you need to know? Try our ‘Learning FAQ’.

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We have three Vibralite healer courses – Vibralite 1, Vibralite 2, and Vibralite 3. We also have Ascension courses. Find out about these on our ‘Courses’ page.

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

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