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Learn Vibralite healing, the new, intuitive, high-frequency healing modality. Vibralite uses high-frequency vibrations to break through blocks and restore wholeness.

All on its own, Vibralite incorporates sound and light frequencies, celestial light codes, colour therapy, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry to create the most comprehensive healing on this planet.

Become attuned to this incredible healing energy and help create mind-body-spirit miracles.

Now is the perfect time to learn Vibralite healing

Here’s why:

Vibralite ® makes it easy to give yourself healing and support, any time you want. You simply need to ask Vibralite and it’s done.

Vibralite healing is relaxing and calming, so it will help reduce anxiety and stress.

Vibralite healing will help you feel more empowered. It will help you make a positive difference to your life right now, so you can feel more in control and more resilient.

Vibralite is no-contact healing. It is just as effective given by distance healing as in person.

Vibralite is a low cost and easy way to give yourself and your loved ones healing.

Vibralite healing is so incredibly easy to learn and use, you can learn it in an afternoon.


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We’ve put together a special package to make it easy for you to learn Vibralite healing.

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The entire Vibralite 1 course, valued at $444


3 FREE Vibralite healings, valued at $165

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“This is a very advanced and deeply profound healing modality. Highly recommend experiencing it. It may well be life changing for you.” Lisa Sinclair, New Zealand

“Vibralite is a powerful healing method that is very simple to use with amazing results.” Michelle Jamieson, UK

There’s nothing like Vibralite


It is newly available to us

Vibralite ® is a new healing energy that has been given to us at this time to raise the frequency of humanity.

Vibralite’s beautiful vibrations and astounding sources of vibrant energy, lifts our vibrations so that health and happiness can flourish.

When a person receives a Vibralite healing, lower frequencies that stand in their way are released, thereby raising their frequency. By operating from a higher state, those individuals then impact the people around them.

It’s unique

Vibralite is a unique combination of potent healing gifts and tools. It is an extremely high vibrational energy that contains galactic sound and light frequencies, celestial light codes, colour therapy, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry, all blended together for incredible healing and support. There’s no fancy equipment, just the most natural resource that you can get – the Universe.

The energy of Vibralite is different than anything you’ve experienced before. If you’ve worked with Reiki or another healing modality before, you will notice that Vibralite is a much different feeling. As the name implies, it is a very vibrant energy that perks up your mind, body, and spirit with a calm yet alert sense of wellbeing.


It is high dimensional healing

Vibralite is coming through on a galactic frequency, so the energy is very high dimensional.

These high frequencies raise your vibration, restore well-being, and trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies, including physical, emotional and mental blockages that are causing you pain or holding you back. This facilitates powerful healing and aids ascension.

Vibralite addresses the energies that are required now to take humanity to the next tier of our evolution.

On-call healing any time

Vibralite gives you a constant connection to the Universal healing guides.

It is extremely easy to give yourself Vibralite healing. Simply say “Please give me Vibralite healing”. Then lie back and enjoy the experience.

Healers can call on Vibralite healing quickly and easily any time they like. Vibralite energy is limitless and abundant, so you can use it for yourself or others as often as you like.

Vibralite attunements raise your vibration, giving healers improved wellness and dramatic shifts in spiritual awareness.

Relax and learn Vibralite

It is simple and easy to learn

There is no other healing modality available today that is easier to use.

It’s so quick and easy to understand that you can learn it in an afternoon! There are no fancy hand positions, symbols, or rituals. There’s nothing to remember except “Please send Vibralite to….” and Vibralite’s conscious energy does the rest.

Awaken your higher consciousness and attune yourself to some of the most potent healing energies in the Universe.

How Vibralite healing works

Watch this video to find out what happens during a Vibralite healing.

Vibralite brings so many benefits into our lives

Powerful healing
It dissolves lower frequencies including physical, emotional or mental blockages that are causing you pain or holding you back.

Raise your vibration
It raises us up into higher frequencies, melting away the negative aspects of our lives.

Brings peace and wellbeing
It makes us feel vibrant and gives us a peaceful yet alert sense of wellbeing.

Intuitive energy
It is an intuitive/responsive energy that knows where to go and what to do for each individual.

Easy to learn and use
It is extremely easy to learn and allows healers to start using it straight away.

Deepen spiritual connection
It shifts us into higher states of consciousness and deepens our spiritual awareness.

Clarify your purpose
Through those higher states, it helps us discover and achieve our unique purpose.

Hi I am Helen

Helen Chapman founder learn Vibralite

I believe that we are all here for a reason, a purpose. My mission is to share Vibralite healing with the world so that together, we can raise the consciousness of humanity and enjoy more happiness, health, and wellbeing along the way.

In 2012 I had a traumatic brain injury. I stumbled around in a blur for years, and was unable to work or even function normally.

Vibralite healing changed my life. Almost immediately, my mind was clear and sharp again. The dark clouds of fatigue lifted, and I was able to live a normal life.

I’ve since discovered how to attune others, so that they can learn and benefit from Vibralite’s amazing healing energies too.

Are you ready to change your life?

The foundation healing course is Vibralite 1. During this course, you’ll be able to quickly and easily give yourself and others powerful Vibralite healing. This entire course, including all the learning modules and the attunement, is just $88.

After completing Vibralite 1, you can have even more powerful healing energies and gifts by joining our Vibralite 2, then Vibralite 3 courses. Each Vibralite course is just $88USD. There are no hidden costs and no extra to pay.

We could charge more but we’re keeping the price low because we want everyone to have access to this wonderful healing energy, no matter their financial circumstances.

Become a Vibralite healer now!

It will really enhance your life and your healing potential!

Here’s what you’ll gain from Vibralite 1

Vibralite 1 attunement, connecting you to the Vibralite energies; 11 learning modules; informative videos; Vibralite 1 manual; 3 free healings; certificate on completion; and exclusive access to our Vibralite Healers Community.

Vibralite is an Approved Training Provider

Vibralite is an Approved Training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). IICT is a professional association of natural therapists. Vibralite is an Approved Modality with the IICT, and the Vibralite courses are approved by them.

Learn Vibralite. It enhances your life

Change your life like others have!

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!


How is Vibralite different from other healing modalities?

Vibralite is a very special energy that has come through at this time because humanity has finally evolved to a place where we can accept it. Unlike Reiki and other valuable forms of healing, Vibralite doesn’t come from the humanly realms; it comes from the higher galactic realms and brings us some of the most powerful healing energy that is available throughout the Universe.

How does Vibralite healing work?

Every part of you has it’s own natural frequency, and when this frequency is maintained, it promotes healing and well being. Vibralite generates the optimum frequencies, energetically and naturally, straight from the Universe. The frequencies target the exact area that requires healing.  This causes the entire healing site to vibrate its own natural frequency, and this continues for several days. This sustained vibration restores natural equilibrium, promotes self-healing and restores well-being. It is holistic, and infuses into all levels of mind, body and spirit.

How can I use Vibralite to heal myself?

It is extremely easy to give yourself Vibralite healing (once you’re attuned to Vibralite). To receive self-healing, simply say “Please give me Vibralite healing”. Vibralite will then give you a healing for half an hour, or for as long as you wish. With Vibralite, all you need to do is lie back and enjoy the experience!

Vibralite is such an advanced healing modality that is allows us to have a direct connection to the Vibralite energies so that we can easily initiate self-healing. Vibralite initiates us onto the path of healing that is directly sourced from the universal healing guides.

Want to know more?

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

It will dramatically enhance your life and healing potential!