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Connect with Vibralite’s transformational Ascension energies

Vibralite gives you the ability to give healing to yourself and others. The energy is powerful and transformational. It raises your vibration, restores well being and gives healing on all levels of your being.

Vibralite goes beyond healing, and is also a path to Ascension. Once connected, it raises your vibration and gives a closer connection with your highest self, giving enlightenment and connecting you with your true soul purpose. Vibralite transforms us and everything around us.

It’s the simplicity of Vibralite healing that makes it so popular. It is extremely easy to learn, and you can give healing to yourself and others in a nanosecond. What’s more, it’s as effective given by distance as it is in person.

Awaken your higher consciousness and
attune yourself to some of the most potent healing energies in the Universe.

Are you ready to change your life?

Begin your Vibralite experience with Vibralite 1. During this course, you’ll become connected with Vibralite’s transformational Ascension energies. You will also be able to quickly and easily give yourself and others powerful Vibralite healing.

After completing Vibralite 1, you can continue with Vibralite 2 then on to our higher levels, and connect with higher vibrational energies and more powerful healing energies and gifts.


Special offer!

We’ve put together a special package to make it easy for you become a Vibralite healer.

For just $88, you get:

The entire Vibralite 1 course and Vibralite attunement valued at $444


3 FREE Vibralite healings, valued at $132

That’s a total value of $576.

Each Vibralite healer course is just $88USD. There are no hidden costs and no extra to pay. We could charge more but we’re keeping the price low because we want everyone to be able to access this transformational energy, no matter their financial situation.

What Vibralite healers have to say

The most incredible healing modality

“I find Vibralite healing works with the most powerful energies available to us at this stage. It is very easy to learn and even easier to use. I have been an energy healer since 1998 and I find Vibralite the most incredible healing modality. It is truly conscious energy and as a healer we can be creative with it and also use it with other healing modalities. Remote healings are incredibly easy to send. I have great feedback from family and friends and also my pets! Thank you Helen, for your patience and trust in bringing this amazing healing modality from the stars to us and making it available to use.” Frankie Schmid, NZ

For spiritual evolution

“Vibralite contains the highest vibrational frequency from the cosmos. It is purely infused with love and light not only for healing but also for spiritual evolution. This modality will increase your frequency even higher and higher, there’s no limit to as how far you can go up, sky is the limit indeed. As you increase your frequency and match the frequency of the cosmos you will open yourself up to a lot of potentials and possibilities. This modality is simple, as it should be, and that’s how powerful it is, just by intention alone. So use this loving energy to yourself and to others unsparingly.” Michele Lavilla, USA

Opened doors and gifts

“I just recently completed the Vibralite Ascension course. It was the best decision I ever made!! Soooo transformational! My vibration increased tenfold! When that happened, my life changed. I started manifesting things that I didn’t think were possible. The vibrational shift opened doors and gifts that were a blessing and very helpful in my healing journey at this time. I am so thankful and grateful for Vibralite. My life has changed in unspeakable ways. So happy I took a leap of faith!” Carly Fanguy, Sedona, USA

Life changing

“Vibralite Healing is a very advanced and deeply profound healing modality. It is the most powerful form of healing I have ever experienced. I have learned, practiced and experienced many modalities and I rate this as up there with the highest vibrational form of healing available on the planet at this time. I love its simplicity of use and its almost instant available when called upon. Super strong activation energies. Highly recommend experiencing it. It may well be life changing for you.” Lisa Sinclair, NZ

Change your life like others have!

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

During Vibralite 1, you’ll be able to:

Vibralite is an Approved Training Provider

Vibralite is an Approved Training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). Vibralite is an Approved Modality with the IICT, and the Vibralite courses are approved by them.

There’s nothing like Vibralite



Vibralite gives a closer connection with your higher self, giving enlightenment and connecting you with your true soul purpose.

A path to Ascension

Vibralite’s powerful and transformational Ascension energies, raise our vibration and light quotient, expanding us into a higher light. 


Heal yourself and others

Vibralite energy is powerful and transformational. It raises your vibration, restores well being and gives healing on all levels of your being.

Shine your light on others

Vibralite is a strong spirit energy that raises your vibration, and raises the vibration of everyone and everything around you. It enhances your environment by clearing toxic lower frequencies and replacing them with higher vibrational energies and light.

Relax and learn Vibralite

It’s simple and easy

There is no other healing modality available today that is easier to use.
It’s so quick and easy to understand that you can learn it in an afternoon! Vibralite makes healing really easy, because you can just ask and it’s done.

Course Structure

There are five Vibralite courses from 1 to 5, and these are taken in order. That’s because with each stage you are attuned to higher frequency Vibralite, and the frequencies needs to be integrated gradually because these are very powerful and new energies.

Learning is self-paced, with no time restrictions or deadlines, so you can take as long as you like to complete each course. Courses come with an attunement, manual, easy quizzes, access to a Vibralite community page, plus a certificate on completion.


Every Vibralite course comes with an attunement, which connects you with the Vibralite energies. Each attunement provides increasingly higher frequencies and more powerful healing tools and gifts. This creates greater personal strength and spiritual awareness for the healer, as well as the ability to offer higher frequency healings.

Each course runs for 12 weeks. This is because 12 weeks is required between attunements to allow the energies to fully assimilate before the next attunement is received. Vibralite energies are very powerful, and the 12 week period between attunements is critical to give time for the healer’s vibration to gradually rise in preparation for the next stage.


Each course includes a manual that covers everything you’ve learnt that course. It can be used for notes, as a reference, and for journaling healing experiences.


There are quizzes, which are designed to be enjoyable and enhance your learning experience. The quizzes are easy, and you don’t have to pass them to complete the course. There are lots of hints, and you can have as many goes as you want. The quizzes are designed carefully so that learners can complete them with ease.

Vibralite healers community

We have a Vibralite healers community page on Facebook where you can share your healing journey and get support from others.


You will receive a certificate on completion of each course.

Free healings

Each course offers 3 free healings, worth $142 USD! Simply by completing the course. (See terms and conditions below).*

*There is the potential to receive up to 3 free healings throughout the course. Free healings are available on weeks 4, 8, and 12. To receive the free healing, learners must have completed all the learning modules. ‘Completing’ a module entails completing the course material for that module.

Cancellation policy

No refund is payable, as learners are given immediate access to course content.

Directory listing

Vibralite healers have the option to have a listing in the ‘Vibralite Practitioner’ directory, once enrolled in Vibralite 2. There is a small one-off fee to cover initial set up costs. From then on, the listing is free, and there are no annual renewal costs. The directory will be live shortly.

Become a Vibralite healer now!

It will really enhance your life and your healing potential!

Vibralite brings so many benefits into our lives

Powerful healing
It dissolves lower frequencies including physical, emotional or mental blockages that are causing you pain or holding you back.

Raise your vibration
It raises us up into higher frequencies, melting away the negative aspects of our lives.

Brings peace and wellbeing
It makes us feel vibrant and gives us a peaceful yet alert sense of wellbeing. 

Intuitive energy
It is an intuitive/responsive energy that knows where to go and what to do for each individual.

Easy to learn and use
It is extremely easy to learn and allows healers to start using it straight away.

Deepen spiritual connection
It shifts us into higher states of consciousness and deepens our spiritual awareness.

Clarify your purpose
Through those higher states, it helps us discover and achieve our unique purpose. 

Vibralite healing makes distance healing easy
It is just as effective given by distance healing as in person. 

Want to know more?

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

It will dramatically enhance your life and healing potential!