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Vibralite healing is powerful, responsive, and easy to learn and use. It’s an absolute joy to work with, and will really enhance your life and your healing potential. Let Vibralite add a whole new dimension to your healing, with it’s energetic frequencies, colour therapy and crystalline energy.

Anyone can learn Vibralite healing. You don’t need to have any special skills or healing experience to become a Vibralite healer. All you need is the attunement and the easy requests. Healers can start sending healing like a seasoned professional straight away!

Whether you’re wanting to learn for your own personal healing and development; or so that you can help your family, pets, and friends. Or perhaps you’d like to add it to your healing toolkit, in your natural healing practice.

Vibralite is officially recognised as a healing modality by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT) for membership and insurance purposes. The IICT is one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing practitioners operating within the natural health industry in the UK, US, Australia and NZ.

Giving Vibralite is simple

All you need is one simple request, and you can send powerful Vibralite healing to anyone anywhere. Everything happens automatically and energetically.

  • One-sentence instructions makes sending easy (shortcuts are created so that each request for a healing session is condensed down to one simple sentence. A one sentence request can generate complex healing sessions of up to an hour!)
  • Routines ensure that everything happens automatically every time Vibralite is given.
  • Repeat sessions occur every few days, and are generated automatically on request, so the vibrations keeps going continuously for as long as needed, without having to remember to send them.
  • Healing can be sent anywhere around the world with ease

To learn Vibralite, you progress through three stages until you’re a pro.

Vibralite 1

  • Learn quick and easy methods to heal yourself, family, pets and others.
  • Empower yourself with powerful self-healing with ease – any time, any place.
  • Raise your personal vibration to support your spiritual journey and enable you to embrace your life purpose.
  • With Vibralite Self-Care, give loved-ones and pets access to their own self-help healing.
  • Clear your home and other spaces by giving them beautiful inviting frequencies.
  • Infuse your crystals with beautiful vibrations to support your growth and wellbeing.

Vibralite Practitioner progression

Courses are done in order, starting with Vibralite 1, Vibralite 2, then Vibralite 3. Once these are completed, healers can apply to become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner.

Each course includes an attunement that gives access to increasingly higher frequencies and more powerful healing tools and gifts. This creates greater personal strength and spiritual awareness for the healer.

Free directory listing

Healers have the option to have a FREE listing in the ‘Vibralite Practitioner’ directory, after completion of Vibralite 2.

Become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner

Healers can become Certified Vibralite Practitioners once they’ve completed and passed Vibralite 1 to 3. They gain a Certified Vibralite Practitioner certificate and their status is recognised on the ‘Vibralite Practitioner’ directory. They can also apply to use the Vibralite name in their business name and domain. Permission for this will not be unduly withheld.

Certified Vibralite Practitioner’s complete a declaration stating they will uphold the following professional standards:

Summary of Vibralite progression

CourseDesignationDetailsFree Directory Listing
Vibralite 1HealerNo
Vibralite 2HealerYes
Vibralite 3HealerYes
Certified Vibralite PractitionerComplete V1-3 plus declarationYes

Vibralite enhances your life and business

In your life

In your business or healing practice

Vibralite healers have come from a diverse range of business backgrounds. Here are just a few of the ways our healers are using Vibralite in their businesses.

Life coaches and counsellors

If you are a life coach, counsellor, or other therapist that communicates on matters of the heart and head, Vibralite is absolutely ideal for you! Vibralite works deeply to support your work by speeding up and supporting changes. You don’t need a specific ‘Vibralite healing’ to do this. All you need to do is ask Vibralite to come in at the beginning of your normal session to give support and healing during it. Whenever it’s needed, Vibralite will go in deep to help smooth away tension and blocks. It’s as easy as that.

Massage therapists

Massage therapists love using Vibralite in their massage sessions, as it works on all levels to go in deeper to release tension and blocks. If you are a massage therapist, all you need to do is ask Vibralite to come in at the beginning of your normal session. Whenever it’s needed, Vibralite will go in deep to help smooth away tension and blocks, and give healing. It’s that simple. Clients will love you for it!

Business premises to attract clients

If you have a business, you can infuse your business premises, website, or marketing material with Vibralite frequencies that will resonate with and attract your ideal customers. We have a healer who used this in a large trade show. Her stall was constantly busy, while the nearby stalls lay empty. Imagine this in a busy high street or shopping mall!

Real estate agents clearing houses

If you’re a real estate agent who is energy sensitive, you’ll know that some houses have really bad energy. This is especially so if there’s been a relationship breakdown, emotional difficulties or mental illness. One of our real estate agents, clears their sale homes of turbulent energy prior to viewings, and infuses them with harmonious frequencies that say “I am a lovely home – buy me!”