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Vibralite is a new and unique healing modality that carries the harmonic frequencies and celestial light codes of light language. It offers a path of healing, accessing high frequency healing frequencies to address the wholeness of mind body spirit.

Vibralite healing is powerful, responsive, and easy to learn and use. It’s an absolute joy to work with, and will really enhance your life and your healing potential.

What makes Vibralite so special

Light language made easy

All healing energy is encoded with sound, colours and light. Vibralite’s energetic frequencies are more advanced because they also carry light language frequencies and celestial light code activations.

Until now, these very special healing gifts have only been available to a select few, who could access them by spoken word, drawings or sign. Now we have evolved sufficiently that we can access light language frequencies energetically, without the need for physical form.

So for the first time, through easy attunements, you too can access this very special healing energy, and give Vibralite’s energetic light language frequencies and light code activations to yourself or anyone.


High dimensional healing

Until now, healing modalities have come from the humanly realm, and have therefore been in the lower dimensions. Vibralite is coming through on a galactic frequency, so the frequencies are from the 9th dimension upwards. This creates powerful high frequency healing frequencies.

These frequencies trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies; including physical, emotional or mental blockages. This facilitates powerful healing and aids ascension.

Our evolutionary aid

Vibralite works with the galactic realm and therefore addresses the energies that are required now to take humanity to the next tier of our evolution. Vibralite now reaches into those vibratory frequencies where humanity is evolving into and beyond. Vibralite is continually evolving and upgrading according to humanity’s needs and evolutionary path.

Vibralite will take people from where they are now into the next phase of evolution.

Easy to give

Vibralite is easy to give to yourself and others. All you need is a simple request, and you can send powerful Vibralite healing to anyone anywhere.

Everything happens automatically and energetically. This makes self-healing easy – so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Repeat healings can be given automatically too, so the healing frequencies keep going for as long as needed.

Vibralite can be combined with other activities or healing techniques. Vibralite can quietly provide heart and mind healing during consults, massages, or whenever else you choose.


Radiate with purpose

Vibralite attunements raise your vibration and spiritual awareness. Once you experience the powerful Vibralite energies, you’ll understand why some healers are experiencing dramatic shifts in spiritual awareness and connectedness, as their vibrations rise following the Vibralite attunement.

Conscious and intuitive

Vibralite is conscious, intuitive, and responsive. During healing, the conscious energy intuitively responds to the individual’s specific needs. Vibralite is so intuitive that healing can be sent purely by intention.

Are you ready to change your life?

The first course is Vibralite 1, which is the foundation healing course, and the healing energies include sound and light frequencies, colour therapy, and crystalline energy.

In Vibralite 1, you’ll receive your first attunement and be able to quickly and easily give powerful Vibralite healing to yourself or anyone for mind, body and spirit.

Vibralite 1 is the first step on your Vibralite journey. Each stage gives increasingly higher frequency healing and gifts. See our Courses page for more.

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

It will really enhance your life and your healing potential!

What others say about Vibralite 1

“Powerful tool to provide support and healing to those we know and love. Everything is set up for ease of use and the course learnings can be used straight away. Powerful and exciting to realise how Vibralite can be applied and how far-reaching the modality is. Benefits are using a trusted tool where there is nothing but good to come from.”


“Uplifting, life changing, exciting.”


“Enlightening! I will now be able to help myself and others, and care for my land and home.”


“A logical way to heal people, animals and places, with infinite energy. The realisation we can heal ourselves was most valuable.”


“Very easy to use. Workbook is great. Now I can use the self-care capabilities.”


Change your life like others have!

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!


Try Vibralite for free!

We’re delighted to give you this opportunity to try Vibralite, so that you can experience the difference. You’re welcome to choose any of our Healing Options.

This offer gives you your first healing for free. For Terms and Conditions, go to our Free Healing page.

Vibralite’s pathway to health and wellbeing

Vibralite offers healing of a physical, emotional and mental nature. It addresses areas of stress, and works to release blockages that create limitations, thus allowing our full potential to be revealed. Vibralite is designed to release and dissolve physical emotional or mental blockages or obstructions. Vibralite releases and gives people the energy frequencies that trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies that stand in the way.

At all of its levels, Vibralite is assisting a person to release density of their human mind and body, and by doing that, allowing them to expand into a more light filled being. The more light that one is carrying, the more inner peace they have, the more wellbeing. All these things are significant in the journey of a human being into a higher expanded version of self.  

Self-heal with Vibralite

Vibralite is such an advanced healing modality, that it allows you to have a direct connection to the Vibralite energies and easily initiate self-healing on yourself.

Ultimately the purpose of Vibralite is to create the direct link between the initiated (attuned) and the universal healing guides. Vibralite will initiate you onto the path of healing directly sourced from the universal healing guides that will lead you to health and wellbeing.

Vibralite’s emphasis is to put the power of the healing in the hands of the individual seeking the pathway to greater wellbeing. If at some point the calling comes to offer it as a practitioner to engage others in healing, then that is also available.

Vibralite enhances your life and business

In your life

In your business or healing practice

Vibralite healers have come from a diverse range of business backgrounds. Here are just a few of the ways our healers are using Vibralite in their businesses.

Life coaches and counsellors

If you are a life coach, counsellor, or other therapist that communicates on matters of the heart and head, Vibralite is absolutely ideal for you! Vibralite works deeply to support your work by speeding up and supporting changes. You don’t need a specific ‘Vibralite healing’ to do this. All you need to do is ask Vibralite to come in at the beginning of your normal session to give support and healing during it. Whenever it’s needed, Vibralite will go in deep to help smooth away tension and blocks. It’s as easy as that.

Massage therapists

Massage therapists love using Vibralite in their massage sessions, as it works on all levels to go in deeper to release tension and blocks. If you are a massage therapist, all you need to do is ask Vibralite to come in at the beginning of your normal session. Whenever it’s needed, Vibralite will go in deep to help smooth away tension and blocks, and give healing. It’s that simple. Clients will love you for it!

Business premises to attract clients

If you have a business, you can infuse your business premises, website, or marketing material with Vibralite frequencies that will resonate with and attract your ideal customers. We have a healer who used this in a large trade show. Her stall was constantly busy, while the nearby stalls lay empty. Imagine this in a busy high street or shopping mall!

Real estate agents clearing houses

If you’re a real estate agent who is energy sensitive, you’ll know that some houses have really bad energy. This is especially so if there’s been a relationship breakdown, emotional difficulties or mental illness. One of our real estate agents, clears their sale homes of turbulent energy prior to viewings, and infuses them with harmonious frequencies that say “I am a lovely home – buy me!”

Vibralite gets more powerful over time

Vibralite gets more powerful and sophisticated as you move through the stages.

As time has gone on, I have been in awe of what Vibralite can do. It is so powerful, responsive and very intelligent. As you move through each stage you will notice a big shift in power, as each stage brings more gifts, tools and intricate healing techniques. Be patient. Move through the stages, and let the doors open to a whole new healing world.

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

It will really enhance your life and your healing potential!

Want to know more?

We have three Vibralite healer courses, from Vibralite 1 to 3. We also have Ascension courses.

Vibralite attunements are given during each Vibralite course, and each attunement gives access to increasingly higher frequency healing and gifts. Our Courses page shows healer progression through the stages.

Find out all about Vibralite course structure and learning materials. Each course comes with an attunement, manual (with healing journal), quizzes, access to a Vibralite community page, plus a certificate on completion.

Want to know more about Vibralite healer progression and how to become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner? Then see our ‘About Vibralite Courses’ page.

Anything else you need to know? Try our ‘Learning FAQ’.

Find out more about how light language and how Vibralite uses it to create healing