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High frequency healing
like nothing we’ve experienced before.

What if you could turn on a light inside of you that casts away your fears, pains, and the blocks that are getting in your way?

And what if you could shine that light on others and make a strong, positive impact on the world?

A new healing energy is now available to us, and when we are attuned to it, we can do just that. It’s called Vibralite. Through beautiful vibrations and astounding sources of vibrant energy, it lifts our vibrations so that health and happiness can flourish.

Vibralite brings so many benefits into our lives

Powerful healing
It dissolves lower frequencies in the body-mind-spirit so that powerful healings can take place.

Raise your vibration
It raises us up into higher frequencies, melting away the negative aspects of our lives.

Intuitive energy
It is an intuitive/responsive energy that knows where to go and what to do for each individual.

Easy to learn and use
It is extremely easy to learn and allows healers to start using it straight away.

Deepen spiritual connection
It shifts us into higher states of consciousness and deepens our spiritual awareness.

Clarify your purpose
Through those higher states, it helps us discover and achieve our unique purpose.

Brings peace and wellbeing
It makes us feel vibrant and gives us a peaceful yet alert sense of wellbeing.

Are you ready to awaken your higher consciousness and attune yourself to some of the most potent healing energies in the Universe?

“Thank you so much for putting this amazing course together and for your connection with this pure and new energy and the beautiful healing frequencies of the universe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge I really appreciate it.”


Vibralite is a new energy

Vibralite is a new wave of healing energy that has been given to us at this time to raise the frequency of humanity.

When a person receives a Vibralite healing, lower frequencies that stand in their way are released, thereby raising their frequency. By operating from a higher state, those individuals then impact the people around them.

The energy of Vibralite is different than anything you’ve experienced before.

If you’ve worked with Reiki or another healing modality before, you will notice that Vibralite is a much different feeling. As the name implies, it is a very vibrant energy that perks up your mind, body, and spirit with a calm yet alert sense of wellbeing.  

Vibralite is a unique combination of potent healing gifts and tools.

It’s an extremely high vibrational energy that carries the harmonic frequencies and celestial light codes of light language, infused with colour therapy, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry.

What makes Vibralite so special


It’s simple and easy

Because of its intuitive nature, there is no other healing modality available today that is easier to use.

It’s so quick and easy to understand that you can learn it in an afternoon! There are no fancy hand positions, symbols, or rituals. There’s nothing to remember except “Please send Vibralite to….” and Vibralite’s conscious energy does the rest, intuitively responding to the individual’s specific needs.

Now you can send powerful Vibralite healing to yourself or anyone anywhere, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Vibralite makes self-healing really easy, because you can just ask and it’s done.

It is high dimensional healing

Until now, healing modalities have come from the humanly realm, and have therefore been in the lower dimensions. Vibralite is coming through on a galactic frequency, so the frequencies are from the 9th dimension upwards.

These frequencies trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies, including physical, emotional or mental blockages. This facilitates powerful healing and aids ascension.

Vibralite will take people from where they are now into the next phase of evolution.

Since Vibralite works with the galactic realm, it addresses the energies that are required now to take humanity to the next tier of our evolution. Vibralite is continually evolving and upgrading according to humanity’s needs and evolutionary path.


It raises our vibration

Vibralite attunements raise your vibration and give you a constant connection to the Vibralite energies and the Universal healing guides.

This powerful combination gives healers improved wellness and dramatic shifts in spiritual awareness and connectedness, as their vibrations rise following their Vibralite attunements.

Our healers have experienced immediate improvements in wellness, increased energy and vitality, and clarity and focus. Many feel ‘lighter and brighter.’

It transmits light code activations

Vibralite carries high frequency light language frequencies and celestial light code activations. These go right to the core, shaking out baggage and promoting health and wellness.

Until now, light language and light codes have been restricted to only a select few who have special healing gifts and can access them by spoken word, drawings or sign. Now we have evolved sufficiently that we can access light language frequencies and light codes energetically, direct from the universal healing guides, without the need for physical form.

For the first time, through easy online attunements, you too can access this very special healing energy, and give Vibralite’s energetic light language frequencies and celestial light code activations to yourself or anyone.


Vibralite gets more powerful over time

Vibralite gets more powerful and sophisticated as you move through the stages. As time goes on, I have been in awe of what Vibralite can do. It is so powerful, responsive and very intelligent. As you move through each stage, you will notice a big shift in power because each stage brings more gifts, tools, and intricate healing techniques. Be patient. Move through the stages, and let the door open to a whole new healing world.

Are you ready to change your life?

The foundation healing course is Vibralite 1. During this course, you’ll be able to quickly and easily give yourself and others powerful Vibralite healing. This entire course, including the attunement, is just $88.

After completing Vibralite 1, you can have even more powerful healing energies and gifts by joining our Vibralite 2, then Vibralite 3 courses. Each Vibralite course is just $88. There are no hidden costs and no extra to pay.

Each course it worth $899 so we’re keeping the price low because we want everyone to have access to this wonderful healing energy, no matter their financial circumstances.

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

It will really enhance your life and your healing potential!

“My clarity and focus is at its best it’s been in a long time.”


“After receiving my attunement last night, I can’t even believe how bright and vibrant I feel today. I powered through a hard workout and still feel incredible. My mind feels so fresh and alert. I am loving this!”


“I decided I would use Vibralite on myself. The sensation was amazing I could feel my body vibrating from crown chakra through my entire body. Vibralite is wonderful because we work for the highest good. I am in awe.”


“The course was easy to follow and the weekly modules were well paced. Really enjoyed this very practical course and feels good to already be using my new healing techniques. ”


Change your life like others have!

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

Vibralite enhances your life and business

In your life

In your business or healing practice

Vibralite healers have come from a diverse range of business backgrounds. Life coaches and counsellors; massage therapists; real estate agents – clearing houses.

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

It will dramatically enhance your life and healing potential!


How is Vibralite different from other healing modalities?

Vibralite is a brand new energy that has come through at this time because humanity has finally evolved to a place where we can accept it. Unlike Reiki and other valuable forms of healing, Vibralite doesn’t come from the humanly realms; it comes from the higher galactic realms and uses a combination of harmonic frequencies, celestial light codes, colour therapy, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry to bring us some of the most powerful healing energy that is available throughout the Universe.

Where did Vibralite come from?

After a devastating brain injury, Helen Chapman experienced a “rewiring” of her brain that in turn attuned her to the Vibralite energies. Through many years of study, she discovered how to use that energy to heal others as well as how to attune others so that they could become healers as well. She is on a mission to bring Vibralite to the world so that together, we can raise the consciousness of humanity and enjoy more happiness, health, and wellbeing along the way.

I’ve never done healing before. Can I learn Vibralite?

Absolutely! Anyone can learn Vibralite. You don’t need any previous experience, skillsets, or gifts to learn it. It is easy to learn and easy to do.

I am an experienced healer. How would Vibralite benefit me?

Vibralite is a great tool to add to your healing repertoire. All healers come with different gifts, and part of the learning process is to discover how Vibralite works with those gifts. Vibralite will either compliment, enhance, or amplify your existing healing gifts, skills, and potential.

How does Vibralite improve health and wellbeing?

Vibralite offers physical, emotional, and mental healing. It addresses areas of stress and works to release blockages that create limitations, thereby allowing our full potential to come forth. Vibralite assists us in releasing the density of the human mind and body so that we can dissolve the lower frequencies that stand in our way. In doing that, it allows us to expand into more light-filled beings. The more light we carry, the more inner peace and wellbeing we experience and the more expanded and uplifted we become.

How can I use Vibralite to heal myself?

Vibralite is such an advanced healing modality that is allows us to have a direct connection to the Vibralite energies so that we can easily initiate self-healing. Ultimately, the purpose of Vibralite is to create a direct link between the initiated (attuned) and the universal healing guides. Vibralite initiates us onto the path of healing that is directly sourced from the universal healing guides. To receive self-healing, simply ask Vibralite, then lie back and enjoy the experience.

What do you mean when you say that Vibralite works with the galactic realm?

Vibralite is being streamed to us from other galaxies via a stargate. The energies come through the stargate where they are collected, calibrated, and collated so that they can be streamed to us. This occurs through a system of healing pools, which protect the integrity of the Vibralite energies.

You might imagine the healing frequencies as atoms, and they are out there as universal light, initially in a random way. Because we are needing to harness them and bring them down as a modality here, they form into clusters of activated healing energy. The random frequencies form a sequence, a structure, a pattern, which becomes the essence of Vibralite.

When people call on Vibralite healing, they are specifically getting this stream line of Vibralite which has been woven by the galactic star nations for what we need at that moment. It’s like pulling the energy that is out there into a flow and a format of different aspects of frequencies as needed. What we need at the moment is changing all the time, so Vibralite is constantly being upgraded as well. It is a very conscious and intuitive energy that responds based on what we need. You can learn more about how Vibralite uses light language to create healing here.

How do the Vibralite courses work?

There are three Vibralite courses, and each one provides a separate attunement that brings in more advanced healing energies and techniques to provide even deeper healings.

Each course is given online and only take a couple hours to complete. The attunement does not require any in-person meetings; instead, it is also given online. Once you are attuned, it takes 12 weeks for the Vibralite energy to fully assimilate in your body. You can start using it straight away to heal yourself and others, but it will increase in power over that time period. Vibralite 1 is the foundational course. Vibralite 2 and 3 will bring in dramatically stronger healing energies that will take healers into much higher frequencies, allowing them to heal themselves and others in different and stronger ways.

How long does it take to complete each course?

All Vibralite healer courses are 12 weeks in duration. Each courses consists of 12 modules, which are released to you on a weekly basis on the same day of the week that you purchased them.

The reason for this is because each attunement takes 12 weeks to assimilate into your body before you can receive the next attunement, so we space it out so that you can begin to work with the new energies gradually as they are developing within you.

Module lengths vary between 10 minutes to one hour. They are relatively short because Vibralite is easy to learn. These are practical courses based on experiential learning, so they focus on the fun stuff (the Vibralite energies, how  to use them, and how they work for you). Please allow additional learning time to practice the new techniques learnt in each module.

Change your life like others have!

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!

Want to know more?

Find out more about Vibralite 1.

Module 1 is open, and gives you a taste of what our Vibralite courses can offer you. It contains Vibralite 1’s introductory module, which is same introductory module given to our new Vibralite healers. 

We have three Vibralite healer courses, from Vibralite 1 to 3. We also have Ascension courses.

Vibralite attunements are given during each Vibralite course, and each attunement gives access to increasingly higher frequency healing and gifts. Our Courses page shows healer progression through the stages.

Find out all about Vibralite course structure and learning materials. Each course comes with an attunement, manual (with healing journal), quizzes, access to a Vibralite community page, plus a certificate on completion.

Want to know more about Vibralite healer progression and how to become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner? Then see our ‘About Vibralite Courses’ page.

Anything else you need to know? Try our ‘Learning FAQ’.

Find out more about how Vibralite uses light language to create healing.

Change your life like others have!

Begin your Vibralite healing journey now!