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How long is a Vibralite healing

Vibralite healings last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

How should I prepare for a Vibralite healing

It is best to be in a quiet space without any distractions. You can choose whether to sit or lie down for your Vibralite healing (and some people even fall asleep!)

Do not drive or use heavy machinery during your Vibralite healing, as the healing is very relaxing, and it may cause you to lose concentration or fall sleep.

What can I expect during a Vibralite healing

Everybody receives Vibralite differently. Some find their Vibralite healings very relaxing, (and some people even fall asleep!) Vibralite healing arrives in a wave of energy and is similar to what you would expect from an energy healing. You may be able to recognise when the Vibralite healing is finished because the energy abates.

Can you hear the frequencies during a Vibralite healing

Vibralite frequencies are coming through at an expanded celestial frequency, so they are not audible to our hearing.

What is your cancellation policy?

Bookings made via this website can be rescheduled or cancelled up until the booking time. If a booking is cancelled before the healing, a full refund will be provided. If a cancellation is received after the healing booking time, a refund will not be given.

Are the healings tailored for individuals or one size fits all?

All Vibralite healings are personalised healings that are sent based on individual needs at the time.

What changes can I expect

Everyone will have their own unique experience when it comes to a Vibralite healing. Changes could be rapid, or they could be more subtle and slow. You’ll find that it is usually the latter. How long it takes depends on: how long an issue has been in place, how deep seated your patterns are and how much you want to heal. The healing works on a very deep level and creates long lasting changes.

Can Vibralite cure me?

No. Vibralite does not claim to cure or fix anything. Instead, it opens a doorway to allow you to step into your best version of you.

Can I book a healing for someone else?

No, you cannot book a healing via this website for another person. Healing sessions booked on this website are received exclusively by the person who made the booking. Therefore it is not possible to book a healing for someone else. If someone you know needs a healing, please encourage them to make their own booking either via this site, or arrange for them to go to a Vibralite Practitioner. The exception is for animals, as owners can book healings for their pets and animals.

Can my child receive a Vibralite healing?

Minors can receive Vibralite healing via a Vibralite practitioner who treats minors. Another option is for the child’s parent to become a Vibralite Healer.  Minors cannot receive Vibralite healing via this website, as this requires written consent from their parents. A ‘Minor’ is classed as the age of a minor in your legal jurisdiction.

How do the repeat healings work?

Some healings might come with repeat healings. They are designed to continue the healing process. Repeats occur automatically every few days, and occur at bedtime. They gradually lessen then cease over time. If for any reason you no longer want to receive repeat healings, you can simply ask the Universe to stop them.

How does the Highest Good principle affect my healing?

Vibralite healings are given according to your Highest Good. When a healing request does not match the person’s Highest Good, the client’s higher self will adapt the healing to meet their Highest Good.

There are many reasons why a healing may not match the Highest Good.

  • It might not be appropriate at this stage of their life journey
  • They may have more lessons to learn from the situation or dis-ease
  • They’ve been presented with the dis-ease in this life to learn compassion
  • There are others involved who are affected by the situation
Why didn’t I receive the healing as expected?

There are multiple reasons why this may occur. It may occur at bedtime, rather a requested time. Bedtime Vibralite healings are very common because the recipient is more relaxed, making the healing flow more smoothly and easily integrated. Or healing requested isn’t in the Highest Good and all healings are adapted to meet that.

Why do some healings occur at bedtime 

Many Vibralite healings occur at bedtime rather than when they are requested. This happens when healing is sent to a client when they are not in the right state to receive it or they might need a big healing. Vibralite healings can be received in entirety, be spread over several nights or you may receive a small Vibralite healing when requested and then the remainder at bedtime.

Didn’t notice any improvement

Vibralite can provide instant relief, or it may work slowly and quietly in the background over a long period of time, particularly if it is a deep-set issue. Having repeat Vibralite healings will allow Vibralite to continue working over an extending period, providing steady and gradual change. 

Another consideration is the Highest Good. Healing the issue may not bein the Highest Good, and therefore a healing may have been adapted to meet that. So instead of a physical healing, it may be adapted to allow the recipient to better understand their journey.

Healing received in a different area than requested

Vibralite healing aims to work on the underlying cause, therefore it focuses on the problem area plus any connecting or related areas (that are potentially contributing to the original issue). They occur not only on the physical level, but also throughout the energy systems, including meridians, chakras, bodies and fields.