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Looking after yourself.

Do you want to be able to ask for Vibralite healing whenever you want it?
With Vibralite Self-Care, you can ask for your very own Vibralite healing and support, directly from the Universe. You can request healing for a certain issue, such as a headache, or it can be drawn on for emotional or physical support. Vibralite Self-Care is a milder form of Vibralite healing. It is available 24/7 for basic self-help healing and first aid, providing extra support and relief for injuries or an ongoing niggle.


Access to Vibralite Self-Care is initiated by a Vibralite practitioner during a one-on-one session. The practitioner will also give tips on how to use it and what to expect. It is also available remotely via this website.

To ask for Vibralite Self-Care, all you need to do is say “Please send me Vibralite for …..……”

Vibralite Self-Care is not for chronic or ingrained issues. Always seek medical advice if required. $88 USD

Vibralite Self-Care provides low intensity energy and healing compared to that from a Vibralite healer. Therefore, experienced healers may find it a bit light-weight for them. Anyone who wants to be able to do their own Vibralite energy healing with higher intensity is welcome to join our Vibralite training courses.



“I have imagined myself ‘drinking’ from the pool, for a specific issue. While I drink I have asked for healing. It has provided an instant stillness/release, with a similar feeling to actually receiving a treatment from you.”


“I’ve had really intense neck pain so was lying on my bed with a hottie. I have 12 teenagers about to land at my place for my daughter’s birthday and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get through the party with such pain. I called in Vibralite self-care and my neck has now freed up woohoo!”


“Thanks so much Helen and I am feeling so much better today, quite a change from yesterday – phew!!”