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Vibralite healing options are tailored for different purposes. Our healing is designed for holistic purposes, it isn’t designed, nor can we claim healing for particular diseases. If you are in the midst of something that feels like a real battle, then our healings can still really help with the strength and resilience you need to face them.

These healing options are sent by distance healing. They are personalised healings that are sent based on individual needs at the time.

Vibralite Heal

Restore. Revitalise. Heal. Get back to a place of strength and completeness. Find the you you once were. We have a way of restoring the wholeness you once had with beautiful vibrations and astounding sources of vibrant energy. Book now to see how much more there is to you.



Vibralite Release

Restore. Trapped in a space you feel you can’t get out of? You may need releasing from things that hold you back. Vibralite Release unleashes your full potential. Vibralite Release gives a deep emotional cleanse. It clears heart and mind, allowing you to flourish, grow, and restore. Book now to see how much more there is to you.


Vibralite Relax

Let Vibralite’s soothing and calming vibrations relax and restore you. Vibralite Relax uses pulses of energy and resonance that will restore your equilibrium inside and out. Book now and let Vibralite’s beautiful vibrations gently relax and calm you.




Vibralite Aglow

Would you like to expand into a more light-filled being? Then experience Vibralite Aglow healing. It bathes you in light, thus raising your light quotient. The more light that one is carrying, the more inner peace they have, the more wellbeing. All these things are significant in the journey of a human being into a higher expanded version of self.


Vibralite Clarity

Vision. Purpose. Destiny. One of the things that can hold you back from achieving all you were destined to is an unclear path forward. The noise and distraction of modern day living hampers progress towards where we should be headed. Vibralite Clarity can restore your view of the horizon; and make the path ahead crystal clear.




Vibralite Boost

Rejuvenate. Lacking vital energy to get on with your day? Vibralite Boost unleashes your full energy potential. Vibralite Boost is your injection of rejuvenation. It cleanses your energy system, ensuring that it flows smoothly in a constant stream. It revitalises and renews.


Your personalised healing experience

Prefer a one-on-one healing? Then why not experience the ultimate healing experience! A one-on-one healing with Helen, the founder of Vibralite healing. (Via Skype or Zoom).

Hurry, spaces are strictly limited, so book your Healing with Helen now!

$88 USD
Please note: This healing is not included in any coupon or discount offers.

Helen Chapman Vibralite healing

Give yourself Vibralite healing

Would you like to learn how to give these Vibralite healings to yourself?

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