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Free Healing from Vibralite

Would you like a free Vibralite healing that’s custom-made, just for you?

Well you can! Now’s your chance to experience a free Vibralite healing that’s made especially for you by the Vibralite energies. It’s streamed directly to you in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are.

It’s convenient and easy to receive….

Watch the video, and lie back and enjoy your Vibralite healing.

About your free Vibralite healing

Why Vibralite healing?


Vibralite is a new and powerful healing modality that incorporates high vibrational sound and light frequencies, celestial light codes, colour therapy, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry to create the most comprehensive healing on this planet.

– Brings peace and wellbeing

– Dissolves lower frequencies and energetic blockages

– Offers physical, emotional and mental support

– Strengthens and restores wholeness to the body, mind and spirit

– Raises your vibration

“Thank you so much for the powerful healing session. I felt immediately the energy vibrating in my body. I sensed I was floating free of all the chains and blockages that have been holding me back. Since the session I feel a lot more balanced and more focussed on my soul purpose. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sending much gratitude, love and blessings.”


“It felt different from energy healings. I could feel it moving through my body. It started at my legs and moved up. I feel very grounded and calm now. I feel like I’ve had a great release of some stuff that didn’t need to hang around.” 


More about your free Vibralite healing

Your free Vibralite healing is a distance healing, streamed directly to you from the Vibralite energies.

Vibralite is a conscious and intuitive energy, and your Vibralite healing is triggered by your intention to receive it, and not the music in the video.

Your Vibralite healing is programmed to begin as soon as I finish speaking. At that time, you can turn off the video, because it is no longer required for you to receive your free healing.

This healing is programmed so that it can only be used once for each person. Once you have received your free healing, you will not be able to receive it again. That’s because Vibralite is a conscious energy and intuitively knows when you have already received your free healing.

We hope you enjoy your Vibralite healing!

If you have any questions about your healing, please view our FAQ.

Vibralite healing should always be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.