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Healing from the energy around us.

Vibralite is an entirely new and natural healing modality. Vibralite carries the harmonic frequencies and light codes of light language.

Vibralite offers a path of healing to address the wholeness of mind body and spirit. Vibralite is designed to release and dissolve physical emotional or mental blockages or obstructions. Vibralite releases and gives people the energy frequencies that trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies that stand in the way.

Vibralite is suitable for anyone who wants to release anything that is a lower energy that doesn’t allow them to be in vibrant health – emotional, mental and physical.

Our healing is designed for holistic purposes, it isn’t designed, nor can we claim healing for particular diseases. If you are in the midst of something that feels like a real battle, then our healings can still really help with the strength and resilience you need to face them. All Vibralite healings are personalised healings that are sent based on individual needs at the time.

“I can’t even believe how bright and vibrant I feel today, especially since I only had about 2 hours of sleep. I powered through a hard workout and still feel incredible. My mind feels so fresh and alert. I have fibromyalgia so usually I feel tired, especially when I work out, and I’ve got no brain fog either, which is normally an issue. I am loving this!”


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“Not even knowing you had sent the treatment I felt a release and have felt more connected/grounded/clarity. Have just spent an hour and a half in the garden which normally I wouldn’t have the energy to do. Thank you!!!! Been so much better and slept so soundly last night. Amazing! Thank you so much!!”


“Thank you so much for the powerful healing session. I felt immediately the energy vibrating in my heart, third eye and crown chakras and then the rest of my body. I sensed I was floating free of all the chains and blockages that have been holding me back. Since the session I feel a lot more balanced and more focussed on my soul purpose. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sending much gratitude, love and blessings.”


About Vibralite

Vibralite is a new and unique healing modality that carries the harmonic frequencies and light codes of light language. It offers a path of healing to address the wholeness of mind body and spirit.

Vibralite’s unique recipe of sound and light frequencies, light codes, colours and crystalline energy, come together to enable you to resonate at your own natural frequency; promoting healing and restoring natural well-being.

The frequencies are directed to the parts of you that require a bit of TLC and gently vibrate the area at its natural base frequency, releasing and dissolving physical emotional or mental blockages or obstructions, and restoring well-being.

Vibralite can generate repeat healings every few days, so there’s an option for the healing vibrations to keep going for as long as needed, thus allowing for a much deeper healing experience.

Vibralite is suitable for anyone who wants to release anything that doesn’t allow them to be in vibrant health – emotional, mental and physical.

Vibralite healing should always be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

About Vibralite healings booked via this website

Vibralite healings booked via this website are distance or remote healing. There is no voice or other contact, and no feedback is provided regarding the healing. Vibralite healings are sent at the time arranged during the booking. If you are not fully ready for the Vibralite healing at the time it has been organised, then you will receive it at bedtime.

Most Vibralite healings are programmed to work only once, although sometimes healings might come with automatic repeats. (Free healings do not include automatic repeats).

In time, Vibralite Practitioners will be listed in our online directory. If you’d like to be among the first Vibralite healers in your area, then go to Become a Vibralite Healer.

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Your Vibralite Healing

Vibralite healing arrives in a wave of energy and is similar to what you would expect from an energy healing session.

Vibralite healings last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. You can choose whether to sit or lie down for your Vibralite healing (and some people even fall asleep!)

Do not drive or use heavy machinery during your Vibralite healing, as the healing is very relaxing, and it may cause you to lose concentration or fall sleep.

You may or may not feel the healing come in. There are many reasons why this may occur. Many people aren’t energy sensitive, so may not feel a healing. 

Or it may occur at bedtime, rather than the requested time, as the energies are more easily integrated during this deeply relaxed state.

The healing will always be given in some form, even if you don’t feel it, it will still come.

You may not feel any immediate effects from your Vibralite healing. However healing does continue over the next few days following your Vibralite healing.


Everyone will have their own unique experience when it comes to a Vibralite healing, so expect the unexpected. Changes could be rapid, or they could be more subtle and slow. You’ll find that it is usually the latter. How long it takes depends on: how long an issue has been in place, how deep seated your patterns are and how much you want to heal. The healing works on a very deep level and creates long lasting changes.

Healings are given according to your Highest Good.

The Highest Good is a principle that ensures everything and everyone in a situation is considered, meaning your life journey can continue according to your soul mission.

There are many reasons why a healing may not match the Highest Good:

  • It might not be appropriate at this stage of your life journey.
  • You may have more lessons to learn from the situation or disease
  • You’ve been presented with the disease in this life to learn compassion
  • There are others involved who are affected by the situation

If a healing doesn’t meet the Highest Good, it may be a little different than anticipated.

Instead the healing may be adapted to meet the requirements of the Highest Good. For example, instead of a physical healing, it may be a mind and spirit healing to enable you to move through the unresolved lesson, making you at peace with the situation.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings made via this website can be rescheduled or cancelled up until the booking time. If a booking is cancelled before the healing, a full refund will be provided. If a cancellation is received after the healing booking time, a refund will not be given.