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The path to wellness

We have a way of restoring the wholeness you once had with beautiful vibrations and astounding sources of vibrant energy.

Vibralite’s healing frequencies include a unique combination of sound and light frequencies, colour therapy, and crystalline energy, all blended together for healing and support. There’s no fancy equipment, just the most natural resource that you can get – the Universe.

Try Vibralite for free

We’d love you to try Vibralite healing for free! So take a look around the Vibralite healing options, and see which one you’d like to try.

This offer gives you your first Vibralite healing for free. It includes any of the healing options.

You will only be able to receive your first free healing once. See terms and conditions below.

All Vibralite healings are personalised healings that are sent based on individual needs at the time.


How to book your free healing

Booking your free Vibralite healing is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose a healing option. Click on the ‘Book Now’ tab, which directs you to our Book page.
  2. Make your booking. Complete the form, and tick ‘I wish to receive my free healing’ and agree to the Terms.
  3. Press the ‘Make Booking’ button.

The normal price will appear on the booking form, but disregard this, as you won’t be charged for your first free healing.


Offer terms and conditions

One free healing per person. You will only be able to receive your free healing once. Once you have received your free healing, you will not be able to receive further free healings because Vibralite is a conscious energy and intuitively knows when you have already received your free healing.

Offer includes any Healing Option, and excludes Ascension, Self-Care, and courses. The free Vibralite healing will be a distance healing, with no verbal contact.

Please don’t waste your time by attempting to obtain additional free healings by creating multiple accounts, or by using multiple email address or aliases. While creating multiple accounts will generate further online options to request free healings, you will not receive them. The Vibralite energies will only provide one free healing per person, no matter how many times you attempt to receive them.

More about Vibralite

Vibralite is an entirely new and natural healing modality.

Vibralite’s healing frequencies come together to enable you to resonate at your own natural frequency; allowing you to heal and restore your natural well-being.

The frequencies are directed to the parts of you that require a bit of TLC and gently vibrate the area at its natural base frequency, restoring well-being and releasing blocks and disease.

Healing is targeted towards every part of you, meaning that all levels of mind, body and spirit can be restored.

Vibralite healing should always be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Become a Vibralite healer

Anyone can become a Vibralite healer. Vibralite is easy to learn and do. It’s a pleasure to work with, and will really enhance your life and your healing potential.

Vibralite healer courses are available online via this website.