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Learn Vibralite Healing, so you can easily give healing to yourself and others. The energy is powerful and transformational. It raises your vibration, restores well being and gives healing on all levels of your being.

Vibralite goes beyond healing, and supports our Ascension. Once connected, it raises your vibration and gives a closer connection with your highest self, giving enlightenment and connecting you with your true soul purpose. Vibralite transforms us and everything around us.

It’s the simplicity of Vibralite healing that makes it so popular. It is extremely easy to learn, and you can give healing to yourself and others in a nanosecond. What’s more, it’s as effective given by distance as it is in person.

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Vibralite healer courses are available online via this website.

Making the most your Vibralite healing

More about your Vibralite healing

Your free Vibralite healing is a distance healing, streamed directly to you from the Vibralite energies.

Vibralite is a conscious and intuitive energy, and your Vibralite healing is triggered by your intention to receive it, and not the music in the video.

Your free Vibralite healing is programmed to begin as soon as I finish speaking. At that time, you can turn off the video, because it is no longer required for you to receive your free healing.

This free healing is programmed so that it can only be used once for each person. Once you have received your free healing, you will not be able to receive it again. That’s because Vibralite is a conscious energy and intuitively knows when you have already received your free healing.

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If you have any questions about your healing, please view our FAQ.

Vibralite healing should always be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.