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Vibralite Ascension was given to us to aid our ascension, and to help us raise the vibration and consciousness of everything around us.

An important feature of this course is the Vibralite ascension healing that connects you with the crystalline grid and an ancient portal. This raises your vibration and gives you the connection and higher vibrational energies and frequencies to enable you to have a material impact on the ascension of yourself and humanity.

Once we are connected, we are like a continuous beacon of light receiving the high energies and transmitting them to wherever we put our conscious energy and thoughts. We are also constantly permeating healing light to mother earth and our surroundings and beyond for our evolution.

To prepare you for this powerful healing, this course includes audio transmissions that are designed to embed and assimilate your ascension attunement and gifts on a much deeper level. The attunement will transmit Vibralite ascension light codes, and the transmissions will act as a catalyst to activate the light codes in readiness for the Vibralite ascension healing.

What you will gain from this course

This course culminates in the Vibralite ascension healing, which is a very high vibrational healing that connects you with the higher vibrational energies and frequencies. To prepare you for this, the course includes the ascension attunement and ascension light language transmissions.

This course aims to:

  • Aid our ascension.
  • Raise our vibration.
  • Give us access to higher vibrational energies and frequencies.
  • Activate ancient dormant chakras.
  • Connect us with the crystalline grid, our universe, our galaxy, and other galaxies beyond. This enables us to clear the pathways of mother earth and beyond, thereby raising their vibration.
  • Access a ‘portal’ that connects us to ancient knowledge and wisdom, and a whole lot more.

We are a small part of a much bigger picture. As a collective, we can do even more!

Receive 3 free healings

Receive up to 3 free bonus healings, worth $165 USD! Simply by completing the course. (See terms and conditions).


This is a very high vibrational course. Healers need to complete Vibralite 1 to 3 before they can enroll in this course.