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Become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner

Are you looking for the next step in professionalism and prestige? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want access to exclusive gifts and tools?

Certified Vibralite Practitioner is the premium Vibralite healer status.

This is not a course. Instead, it is an opportunity to become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner, giving you recognition of that status that sets you apart from the crowd. It says to the world that you maintain high ethical standards and you uphold Vibralite’s Highest Good values. Not only that, you get superior recognition in the Vibralite practitioner directory, and you get many special gifts and privileges as part of your annual subscription.

Only qualified healers who have completed Vibralite 1, 2 and 3 can graduate to become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner.

Gain these special gifts and privileges:

  • Free attunements to keep you updated with the latest Vibralite Certified Practitioner energies, as they rise in frequency and evolve. These attunements will enable you to continue to evolve and rise in frequency with them
  • Free and exclusive access to any special new gifts and tools that are developed especially for Certified Vibralite Practitioners, plus any information on them
  • Free 40 minute group session with Helen and fellow Certified Vibralite Practitioners. These sessions will be held online on a quarterly basis. The sessions may include learning tips, a healing or an attunement, or information on new gifts that are available to you
  • Recognition of your status in the Vibralite practitioner directory, helping you to stand out from the crowd
  • Certified Vibralite Practitioner certificate

How to become a Certified Vibralite Practitioner

Becoming a Certified Vibralite Practitioner is easy. Simply sign up via this page. Then complete the online questionnaire (via the quiz in Module 1), stating that you will:

  • Follow the Vibralite’s Highest Good principles
  • Abide by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapist’s (IICT) Code of Ethics
  • Keep up with the latest Vibralite Certified Practitioner attunements

Annual subscription payment

Certified Vibralite Practitioner is payable by annual subscription. This fee enables you to retain your status as a Certified Vibralite Practitioner, and obtain the associated gifts and privileges.