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Mind, body and spirit reunite, vibrating in natural unison

It is time to shine as the person you truly are. Your soul purpose is clear and finally awaits you.  Follow your dreams to arrive at the place where you most fit. That’s the feeling of release that you get from Vibralite. Don’t just start the journey – finish it.

Vibralite’s powerful ascension frequencies combined with Metatron’s ascension energy are infused directly into the core of the entire being; flooding mind, body and spirit with divine ascension energy.

Vibralite Ascension 

  • Raises vibration and increases the ability to enter the next dimension
  • Provides access to all the wisdom, by creating a new Portal to Source
  • Activates Sacred Codes reigniting knowledge, wisdom, and the ascension blueprint
  • Connects to the universal umbilical cord.
  • Creates a bridge to the next dimension, with a Golden Ladder of crystalline energy connected to the cosmos

Everyone will have their own experience during a Vibralite Ascension healing. You’ll only receive things that you’re ready for, depending on where you are on your spiritual journey. Some people will only experience one or two of the things mentioned above, others will experience them all.

Vibralite Ascension has been explained this way:

“Vibralite sends a veil of light and sound directly to the core of the being. It then diffuses out through to the ethereal layers, filtering through all the cracks and crevasses in the process, shaking out the old as it projects outwards, filling the entire being with transformational sound and light energy.

The being then lights up, as if they have a torch shining from within, shedding layer upon layer of unnecessary baggage, until finally they reach their utopian pivot.

At this point they are no longer pulled down by past experiences and problems, and instead have a sense of internal freedom and wellbeing, not yet experienced in their lifetime. It’s as if the light is finally turned on and the way is now clear. The soul recognises the journey is complete and it has come full circle.

It is time to shine as the person you truly are. Your soul purpose is clear and finally awaits you”.

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Learn Vibralite Ascension

Want to learn how to give Vibralite Ascension to yourself and others? Then take our Vibralite Ascension 1 course.

Vibralite Ascension 1 is an advanced course, so healers complete Vibralite 1, 2 and 3, before learning Ascension 1.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the raising of spiritual vibration, leading to a deeper sense of self and greater spiritual enlightenment. It is a move from unconscious to conscious awareness.

Spiritual enlightenment and spiritual vibration go hand in hand to provide a deep connection to all that is peace and love; allowing materialism and ego to fall away and instead be replaced with love-based values.

Mind, body and spirit reunite, vibrating as one in natural unison.