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New account – How to set up a new Vibralite account

Your Vibralite account is set up automatically when you book your first healing or join a course.

Login to your account

Login via the LOGIN button at the top right of your screen.

How to change your account details

LOGIN to your account. Then, find ‘Profile’, and below the profile image, click the link ‘Edit profile’. A form will appear with all your account information. You can change your email address, name, and password. However, your username cannot be changed.

Get new password

This applies when you don’t know or can’t remember your password.

Go to the LOGIN page. Click on ‘Lost Password‘, then enter your email address or username. We’ll email you instructions to reset your password.

When the email arrives, click on the link and you will get a screen showing your new password. To replace that password with your own one, clear the screen and put in your own password (replacing the temporary one that’s there). Then you will be able to Login using your newly created password.

Change password

This applies when you know your current password, and you want to change it.

Change your password in your account. Find ‘Profile’, then click the link ‘Edit profile’ (below the profile image). A form will appear with all your account information. Press the password tab, then input your new password.

Password working on some devices and not others

This applies if you set up your password using a mobile phone, and your password works fine on your mobile phone, but now you’re having problems using your password on your desktop or tablet (or vice versa).

If you set your password using your mobile, the first letter may have been capitalised automatically by your phone. This occurs because mobiles have an automatic function whereby they capitalise the first letter of the first word in a sentence.  So if you’re having no problem inputting your password into your phone, that is because it is replicating how you originally input the password.

The solution? When you use your desktop, try doing the first letter of your password in a capital letter,  rather than lower case. So, for example, if your password is fruit, try using Fruit instead.

If you set up your password using a desktop, and now you can’t use your password using your mobile phone, make sure you are inputting the right case when you enter your password.

Not receiving emails

If you haven’t received emails from us, then check your junk mail or spam folder. To ensure you receive future emails from us, then add and to your safe senders list. Also make sure your email preferences in your account are set to ‘Receive Vibralite updates’.

How to change your email preferences

LOGIN to your account. Then find ‘Email Settings’ (near the bottom of the page). Then, either tick or untick the box ‘Receive Vibralite updates’, depending on your preference.

For a larger view, open this image in a new tab.

How does Vibralite protect my privacy?

Please see our Privacy policy.

Close your account

LOGIN to your account. Then find ‘Danger Zone’ (at the bottom of the page). Then, click the button ‘Delete Account’.

Once your account is deleted, your login and account records are removed from our system and cannot be recovered.