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What others say about Healing.

“Feeling great today! Feel connected, clarity in my vision, have energy, neck feels great! Slept so well. Wow wow wow – haven’t felt like this in such a long time.” 


“Not even knowing you had sent the treatment I felt a release and have felt more connected/grounded/clarity. Have just spent an hour and a half in the garden which normally I wouldn’t have the energy to do. Thank you!!!! Been so much better and slept so soundly last night. Amazing! Thank you so much!!”


“It didn’t come like a bolt out of the blue, it wasn’t like a light bulb suddenly switched on. It came slowly and gently, rolling into my life, my body, my home and has since spread out into my extended family.
Now that I have the benefit of hind sight and can see the changes that have taken place I am in awe of the power and the strength that is now a part of me. I have found an inner calm and peace that I haven’t known before and feel better equipped to face whatever the future holds for me”.


“It felt different from energy healings. I could feel it moving through my body. It started at my legs and moved up. I feel very grounded and calm now. I feel like I’ve had a great release of some stuff that didn’t need to hang around.” 


What others say about Learning.

“Powerful tool to provide support and healing to those we know and love. Everything is set up for ease of use and the course learnings can be used straight away. Powerful and exciting to realise how Vibralite can be applied and how far-reaching the modality is. Benefits are using a trusted tool where there is nothing but good to come from.”


“Uplifting, life changing, exciting.”


“Enlightening! I will now be able to help myself and others, and care for my land and home.”


“A logical way to heal people, animals and places, with infinite energy. The realisation we can heal ourselves was most valuable.”


“Very easy to use. Workbook is great. Now I can use the self-care capabilities.”


“Great learning and notes. Now I have on-call healing when needed at my fingertips. I’m able to share healing with others simply and easily by asking and sending.”


What others say about Vibralite Self-Care.

“I have imagined myself ‘drinking’ from the pool, for a specific issue. While I drink I have asked for healing. It has provided an instant stillness/release, with a similar feeling to actually receiving a treatment from you.”


“I’ve had really intense neck pain so was lying on my bed with a hottie. I have 12 tweenagers about to land at my place for my daughter’s birthday and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get through the party with such pain. I called in Vibralite Self-Care and my neck has now freed up woohoo!”


“Thanks so much Helen and I am feeling so much better today, quite a change from yesterday – phew!!”