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What is Vibralite?

Vibralite is a pure and new energy. Vibralite carries the harmonic frequencies and celestial light codes of light language. Vibralite’s unique recipe of sound and light frequencies, colour therapy and crystalline energy, come together to enable you to resonate at your own natural frequency; promoting healing and natural well-being. Vibralite is holistic, and infuses into all levels of mind, body and spirit.

There’s no fancy equipment, just the most natural resource that you can get – the Universe.

Anyone who experiences Vibralite, receives a deep and natural healing experience.

Each individual will have their own personal experience. The changes that will be experienced tend to come slowly like a subtle breeze. With Vibralite changing your energy and vibration, it provides an opening to receive healing. It comes from within and moves through in a continuous flow. It permeates throughout you and your environment, affecting others and the environment around you. It works on a very deep level, and changes tend to be deep and lasting.

With Vibralite being a new energy, it means we have an opportunity to improve our lives and that of our planet.

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This offer gives you your first Vibralite healing for free. It includes any Healing Option.

Offer terms and conditions. One free healing per person. Offer includes any Healing Option, and excludes Ascension, Self-Care and courses. The free Vibralite healing will be a distance healing only, with no verbal contact.


Vibralite’s founder

Helen is passionate about empowering others and helping them to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

Helen is a skilled communicator, and an experienced trainer and coach. Her diverse combination of skills ensures participants come away from her courses with the practical skills and knowledge to enable them to send Vibralite with ease.

Helen has formal qualifications in adult education, coaching, business and finance.

Vibralite came out of Helen’s research for a natural healing technique to help her TBI (traumatic brain injury). The TBI had left her stumbling around in a blur for five years, unable to work or even function normally. Vibralite was essentially a life saver. It took her foggy mind and gave it clarity.

Vibralite’s evolution

When Helen first started researching sound frequencies, she found it fascinating that there was a causal link between sound frequencies and physical impacts, so she started experimenting with different frequencies using a sound generator. Helen discovered each frequency affected her in a different way, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual. However, each frequency she tested affected the energy systems first. It started in the meridians, chakras, bodies and fields, then moved to the body systems.

Through this research period, Helen discovered that every part of the body operates at its own optimum frequency. When this frequency is maintained, it promotes healing and wellbeing. Therefore, for effective frequency healing, the right frequencies must target the healing site.

What initiated her research was her TBI (traumatic brain injury) in 2012. Helen suffered brain fog, confusion, memory loss, fatigue and an extreme sensitivity to sound (known as hyperacusis). She was unable to work or even function, and it resulted in losing her corporate job. Helen had several further concussions and stumbled around in a blur for the following five years. Vibralite was essentially a life saver. It took her foggy mind and gave it clarity.

Vibralite has continually developed and grown into what it is today. Now everything occurs energetically and automatically, with no gadgets or sound devices. Just beautiful healing energetic frequencies from the Universe.