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Hi I am Helen.

We are all here for a reason. I believe that we can share Vibralite healing with the world together, so that we can raise the consciousness of humanity and enjoy more happiness, health, and wellbeing in our every day world.

Together we can achieve this.

Warm regards, Helen Chapman

Helen Chapman Vibralite Healing

My life changing experiences

In this video, I talk about my first experience with Vibralite healing, and how it changed my life so unexpectedly.

In 2012 I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I stumbled around in a blur for years, suffering from memory loss, fatigue, and other things that made me unable to work or even function normally. I felt isolated and alone, because I couldn’t go out, and I completely lost social contact.

During this time, I experienced a “rewiring” of my brain that in turn attuned me to the Vibralite energies.

Vibralite healing was a life saver. It took my foggy mind and gave it clarity. Almost immediately, my mind was clear and sharp again. The dark clouds of fatigue lifted, and I was able to live a normal life. I was able to enjoy spending time with friends and family and going out again. After spending the previous five years in the wilderness, I was finally able to enjoy life and live normally again.

Through years of study, I discovered how to use Vibralite energy to heal others, as well as how to attune others so that they could become healers as well.

I’ve always been passionate about empowering others and helping them to learn and grow, so it seemed a natural progression to share this wonderful modality with others. I’ve used my skills as an experienced trainer and coach, to create a healing system that is simple to learn and use. Participants come away from my courses with the practical skills and knowledge to enable them to use Vibralite healing with ease. I have formal qualifications in adult education, coaching, business and finance.

My gift to humanity

I am so passionate about helping others to experience Vibralite healing’s amazing benefits, that I’ve deliberately kept the course prices low, so that everyone can have access to this wonderful healing energy, no matter their financial circumstances.

I know I could charge hundreds or even thousands more, but I’ve been there, where I had a serious disability and couldn’t afford the basics in life, let alone the help I needed to get me well. I want to make it really easy for everyone to enjoy Vibralite healing as much as I do, and receive its amazing benefits like I did.

My vision is to spread Vibralite healing throughout the world, including third world and war-torn countries.

And at the same time raise our collective vibrations thereby raising the consciousness of humanity, so that peace and happiness can flourish.

Vibralite healing’s evolution

Following my head injuries, I noticed that different noises affected me in different parts of my body. Sometimes my head, making me feel dizzy, or in my stomach making me feel ill.

I found it fascinating that there was a link between sound frequencies and physical impacts, so I started experimenting with different frequencies using a sound generator.

Each frequency I tested, I noted exactly where it affected, and recorded the results.

I discovered each frequency affected me in a different way, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual. Each frequency I tested affected the energy systems first. It started in the meridians, chakras, bodies and fields, then moved to the body systems.

Through this research period, I discovered that every part of you operates at its own optimum frequency. When this frequency is maintained, it promotes healing and wellbeing. Therefore, for effective frequency healing, the right frequencies must target the healing site.

Vibralite healing has continually developed and grown into what it is today. Now everything occurs energetically and automatically, with no gadgets or sound devices. Just beautiful healing energetic frequencies from the Universe. As more and more healers are attuned to Vibralite, and sharing it’s beautiful healing vibrations, then together we will be raising the consciousness of humanity.