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Vibralite® is a new vibrant energy that heals, strengthens and restores wholeness. Vibralite healing raises your vibration, restores well-being, and releases physical, emotional and mental blockages that are causing pain or holding you back.

Vibralite is an extremely high vibrational energy, and has been given to us at this time to raise the frequency of humanity. It is finally available to us now that our frequencies have risen enough to allow this special energy to come through.

Vibralite is a unique combination of potent healing gifts and tools. Vibralite includes sound and light frequencies, light codes, colour therapy, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry, all blended together for incredible healing and support.

“Vibralite healing has changed my life. It was like a gift. I felt instantly at peace. The dark clouds have lifted. I’ve found an inner strength that I didn’t have before. I’m able to deal with things a lot better, and even my family and my bosses have noticed the difference. Now I feel excited about my future.”


Receive a healing

Vibralite healing releases and dissolves physical, emotional, and mental blockages that trigger health issues and hinder our wellbeing. Its high vibrational frequencies restore and replenish the mind, body and spirit to optimal health and wellbeing. 

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Raise your vibration

Vibralite uses high-vibrational frequencies, light language, and light code activations that dissolve lower frequencies and allow us to ascend and achieve our spiritual goals. Vibralite healing takes us from where we are now into the next phase of evolution. 

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Become a healer

Being a Vibralite healer couldn’t be simpler. There are no special skillsets or gifts needed. After receiving the attunements, the healer only needs to make simple requests for Vibralite healing to be sent because it works on intention and it knows best what is needed.

Helen founder Vibralite healing frequencies

Hi I am Helen,

I believe that we are all here for a reason, a purpose. My mission is to share Vibralite healing with the world so that together, we can raise the consciousness of humanity and enjoy more happiness, health, and wellbeing along the way.

In 2012 I had a traumatic brain injury. I stumbled around in a blur for years, and was unable to work or even function normally.

Vibralite healing changed my life. Almost immediately, my mind was clear and sharp again. The dark clouds of fatigue lifted, and I was able to live a normal life.

I’ve since discovered how to attune others, so that they can benefit from Vibralite’s amazing healing energies too.

Get a free Vibralite healing!

The only way to truly understand the power of Vibralite healing is to experience it for yourself. That’s why we are offering your first healing for free! You’ll receive a half hour Vibralite healing, custom made just for you. Your Vibralite healing will be via video, so you can receive it in the comfort of your own home, at any time you choose.

This is valued at $55. We’re not sure how long we will be offering this promotion, so sign up for yours now! Conditions apply.

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Healing for our smaller friends

Vibralite healing is perfect for all kinds of animals – pets, farm, and wild. It has been used for anxiety, joint pain, arthritis, and even car sickness!

Animals are very receptive to Vibralite healing, and we have seen some wonderful improvements, leading to happier, healthier, and calmer animals – and much happier humans too!

What makes Vibralite so special

It is high dimensional healing

Vibralite is coming through on a galactic frequency, so is a very high dimensional and high vibrational energy. This facilitates powerful healing and aids ascension.

Vibralite healing raises your vibration, restores well-being and triggers the dissolving of lower frequencies, including physical, emotional or mental blockages that are causing you pain or holding you back.

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Relaxed man sharing healing frequencies

It’s simple and easy

There is no other healing modality available today that is easier to use.

It’s so quick and easy to understand that you can learn it in an afternoon! Vibralite makes healing really easy, because you can just ask and it’s done.

It is unique

Vibralite is a unique combination of potent healing gifts and tools.

The energy of Vibralite is different than anything you’ve experienced before. If you’ve worked with Reiki or another healing modality before, you will notice that Vibralite is a much different feeling. As the name implies, it is a very vibrant energy that perks up your mind, body, and spirit with a calm yet alert sense of well-being.

Woman enjoying Vibralite healing

On-call healing any time

Healers can call on Vibralite healing quickly and easily any time they like.

Vibralite energy is limitless and abundant, so you can use it for yourself or others as often as you like.

It is finally available to us!

Vibralite is a new healing energy that has been given to us at this time to raise the frequency of humanity. It is finally available to us now that our frequencies have risen enough to allow this special energy to come through.

When a person receives a Vibralite healing, lower frequencies that stand in their way are released, thereby raising their frequency. By operating from a higher state, those individuals then impact the people around them.


“It came slowly and gently, rolling into my life, my body, my home and has since spread out into my extended family. Now that I have the benefit of hind sight and can see the changes that have taken place I am in awe of the power and the strength that is now a part of me. I have found an inner calm and peace that I haven’t known before and feel better equipped to face whatever the future holds for me.”


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