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The path to wellness

Vibralite’s healing frequencies include a unique combination of sound and light frequencies, colour therapy, and crystalline energy, all blended together for healing and support.

Vibralite is an entirely new and natural healing modality. It uses pure energy from the Universe, so there are no gadgets, no devices, no noisy equipment. Just pure healing energy from the energy found all around you.

Vibralite Healing

Get back to a place of strength and completeness. Find the you you once were. We have a way of restoring the wholeness you once had with beautiful vibrations and astounding sources of vibrant energy.


Vibralite Ascension

Beautiful vibrations raising frequency. Awaken your soul as it moves into the next dimension.
It’s time to radiate with purpose and experience the person you’re meant to be. Your soul purpose is clear and ready. Regain strength and your ancient gifts. Your sacred codes await you.

Become a Healer

Vibralite makes it easy to share the gift of healing.

Anyone can learn Vibralite healing. Vibralite is easy to learn and use. All you need is the attunement and the easy requests. It’s an absolute joy to work with, and will really enhance your life and your healing potential.

Learn Vibralite for your own self-healing needs, or to share the gift of healing with those around you.

Empower yourself and your loved ones with healing; raise your vibration; make vibrational essences; infuse beautiful vibrations into places and crystals.



Try Vibralite For Free!

We’d really love you to try Vibralite, so we’re offering you your first Vibralite healing for free. So take a look around the Healing Options, and see which one you’d like to try. Conditions apply.

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